Lead For Sound Proofing

Lead can be formed and folded to accommodate any shape so where the installer is faced with existing ducting, pipework and other obstructions, the scope to cut and shape it gives the greatest versatility in providing a continuous barrier.

Acoustic Insulation & Damping

Lead sheet is an ideal acoustic damping material as it eliminates vibration and reverberation.

It is easy to attach to other materials to produce structurally sound walls and in combination with fibre board, plasterboard or plywood can be used to provide acoustic partitions and enclosures.

Many materials are quoted as having superior acoustic value to lead but this invariably ignores practical aspects of installation and design life.

Lead In Construction

Lead has been used successfully in the construction industry for a wide variety of applications over hundreds of years.

Architects are attracted to it for its durability, flexibility, corrosion-resistance, low maintenance requirements, suitability for complex detailing and cost-effectiveness.

When installed correctly it provides a high visual aesthetic for both traditional and contemporary buildings.

Historic Buildings

Virtually all the sheet Lead we produce today is continuously formed on a roll-casting (DM) machine.

Whilst we maintain the capability for sand casting, the DM lead provides consistency of thickness and surface texture. We maintain stocks of sheet Lead for immediate dispatch.

Our craftsmen form and burn Lead using traditional methods. We can produce bespoke outlets and junctions in addition to the casting of hoppers and finials to match existing designs.

Lead For Marine and Defence Applications

Due to the many practical and protective properties of lead, it is widely used for Defence and Marine applications.

We produce shielding, ballast and counterweights for vessels, both surface and sub-surface, vehicles and structures. From shot and molten lead filling to machined and coated bespoke panels, our products are in use throughout the world.

Standards, Capabilities and Alloys

At Royston Lead we have developed considerable insight into moulding and filling of impression blocks and target flanges, with the capability to manufacture to the highest standards of precision.

A wide range of sizes and lead alloys are available using zinc, copper, tin, antimony, calcium, silver and bismuth.

Due to the nature of ship construction we are routinely involved in working to project-specific requirements.

Lead for Radiographic and Radiation Shielding

From machined components to the lining of facilities and enclosures, we produce systems for applications as diverse as hospitals, experimental establishments and poultry farms.

Our Products and Capabilities

Royston Lead provides a comprehensive range of products for medical shielding applications and technical assistance in the design, construction and testing of purpose-built research, storage and testing facilities.

Our experience with such products includes lead-lined boards, chevrons, doors, windows, x-ray screens, bricks and vessels all of which can be certified to ensure they are fully durable and will fulfil their intended design life.

We are able to liaise customer approved radiation protection advisers (RPAs), who determine the ultimate specification for an X-ray room and radiology environment as well as providing custom solutions.

Lead Anodes in Mining

Anodes are widely used in mining and electrowinning of metals such as copper, cobalt and zinc.

Royston Lead have manufactured tens of thousands of anodes for customers throughout the world. With short lead times and advanced manufacturing techniques, we continue to serve international mining industries on a virtually constant basis.

Lead Ballast for Mining

As with anodes, lead ballast has uses in mining, in this case to provide counterweights in lift shafts. This is particularly critical because of the heavy loads carried over long cable lengths.

Lead castings are used to anchor cables where ferrous metals are impractical, both from the perspective of corrosion and the weight they would be able to provide within such limited spaces.

Lead For Radiation Shielding

We cast, mill, fill, and machine all manner of shielding components from a few grammes to tens of tonnes. Gamma Gates, Pipe Casings, Transfer Flasks, Waste Containers, Work Enclosures, Bricks, Slabs or Doors are virtually always to be found in production at Royston Lead.

Lead Products For Nuclear Use

We are able to manufacture lead components, produce complex vessels and structures or integrate shielding into free issued assemblies.

Shielding assemblies range from bricks sized within manual handling limits to filled assemblies in excess of 20 tonnes.

Across is an example of how lead can be utilised to for solid shielding and complex structures.

Lead For Marine and Offshore

We have been providing lead products for marine the Marine sector since the 1940’s, and have developed an unrivalled reputation for the design and manufacture of:

• Ballast for vessels and submarine cables
• Shielding
• Anodes
• Lead-Lined Tanks
• Diving Weights
• Keels and Counterweights
• Lead-Encapsulated Cable and Tape

Lead/Steel Composites

Products can be manufactured as a Lead/Steel composite and Plastic Coated to facilitate mounting and handling.

All products in this section are considered to be specials due to the unique nature of each project.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Lead’s Many Protective Uses

Chemical, sound, radiation, corrosion, weather; the protective qualities of Lead have been well proven over centuries of use. The Romans used to line their wine casks with Lead but that turned out to be a bad idea. They favoured essence of lead in their tipple but discovered the longer term effects when it was too late. By all means use it to protect your assets but our Lead is strictly not for consumption.

Protection and Containment of Chemicals

Royston Lead manufactures material of the highest purity. This provides secure protection to encapsulate vessels and pipes containing hazardous and corrosive substances.

With our ability to manufacture corrosion-resistant products for diverse uses and environments, we have maintained a long-term involvement in supplying lead to the chemical and petrochemical industries.

This routinely involves provision of lead pipework and lead coatings along with technical advice on maintenance so to ensure sustained and effective operation.