Lead Chevron Radiation Shielding

Versatile Radiation Shielding

To provide solutions to a multitude of radiation shielding requirements, chevron bricks can be the answer. Ideal for both temporary and permanent applications, the modular units can be arranged into virtually any configuration.

The design of the bricks’ interlocking edges ensures that no part of a properly constructed wall will allow the free passage of radiation.


Available in Cast and Machined Lead

Chevron Bricks are available in both cast and machined lead. In addition to standard units, we can manufacture specials in any required size or pattern.

Royston Chevron Bricks have an excellent pedigree, having been used for decades throughout the world in the most exacting applications.

Lead Chevron Bricks Manufacturer
Lead Chevron Bricks

Professional Advice and Tailored Solutions

With a wealth of experience, our designers are always available to advise or provide a full scheme and specification.

Chevron walls can be relocated or modified with ease; when you have finished with them we will even buy them back.

To compliment modular walls, we also manufacture lead laminate ceilings and doorsets.

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Technical Data Sheets

For more detailed information, feel free to download the PDFs below: